Amazon Web Services

AWS provides a wide range of services, including Computational Power, Database, Storage, Content Distribution, and more, that may be used to create complex applications with better adaptability, scalability, and dependability.

Amazon’s Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud computing platform that provides vital enterprise infrastructure services through the Internet. Thousands of businesses in over 190 countries rely on Amazon Web Services today because of its dependable, scalable, and inexpensive cloud platform.

How we work together with AWS
To help our clients construct a wide variety of complex applications and take advantage, UnoCloud Technologies is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner that offers system integration and implementation services. We help customers understand, implement and recommend the best solution to support their cloud Journey.

Developers may build, publish, and grow their cloud-based applications with the help of these services.


  • Web-based business that provides on-demand computing resources and enables programmers to rent virtual machines.
  • It provides developers with a selection of instance types from which to choose the optimal combination of processing power, memory, storage space, and network throughput for their specific applications.

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Amazon S3

  • It’s a part of public cloud service for storing and retrieving data in the cloud.
  • Amazon S3 is an object store accessible through a web services interface; it was created with programmers in mind so that they may find web-scale computing less daunting. Learn more by clicking here!

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  • AWS offers a web-based data storage solution for archiving purposes. Its key benefit is highly resilient data recovery in the event of a calamity. 

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Amazon EBS

  • It gives you access to a large amount of storage space that is always online and can hold your persistent data. Amazon EC2 instances rely heavily on it.
  • Files, databases, and blocks of data are all examples of main storage types that make use of EBS volumes.

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  • As a scalable and adaptable NoSQL database service, it provides consistent performance at any size.
  • It has fast built-in security, backup, and restoration functions and may be used in several regions.

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  • It’s a database management and scaling service in the cloud for managed distributed relational databases, making life easier for software engineers.
  • We released it to reduce the time, effort, and complexity that developers face when working with a relational database.

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  • It facilitates the incorporation of Amazon Web Services (AWS) components, such as Amazon EC2 instances, into a developer’s own personal cloud environment.
  • It lets you manage your whole network in the cloud, including your IP address range, subnets, route table setup, and network gateways.

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Route 53

  • It’s a web service that translates text into an IP address, allowing users to more easily route software. This DNS service has a good availability rating.
  • Its for programmers so that they would have a economical way to direct people to cloud-based apps.

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