Cloud Computing, simplified

Cost-effective cloud computing for businesses and their teams to spend more time building software.

GCP Infrastructure

Computing and hosting

Google Cloud Platform offers to compute and host virtual machines running in Google’s load balanced cloud computing and data centers. Use a managed platform to build your apps without managing any infrastructure. Businesses like Target and Procter & Gamble trust Google Cloud due to expertise, industry-first solutions, and a powerful ecosystem of partners.

Best pricing

Google Cloud Platform’s archival storage comes with the best per second of billing, sustained and committed-use discounts.

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Google’s Security approach

GCP offers layered “Defense In-Depth” security with 700+ security engineers, 160 academic papers on security and 700+ common vulnerabilities, and exposures discovered and fixed. All data written to disk in Compute Engine will be encrypted.

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Cloud Networking

Google Cloud Platform’s high-quality private network connects your local offices to more than 100 global network points of presence close to your users. Google offers Dedicated Interconnect, IPsec VPN, Direct and Career Peering to provide connectivity solutions to your business.

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Provides automated backups to restore data that you need to protect from damage or loss. Enabling automated backups with binary logging is mandatory for some operations, such as replica and clone creation.

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Customized Virtual Machines

Google Cloud provides the option to build a custom VM by choosing the amount of RAM and Cores as required. Don’t oversize your machines and pay a hefty price for it.

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Machine learning

GCP Cloud AI offers various robust machine learning services. You can choose APIs that provide pre-trained models optimized for specific apps or build and train your own large-scale, sophisticated models using a hosted TensorFlow framework.

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