Cloud Computing

Build the Future of Your Business with Oracle

The Next-generation cloud infrastructure

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is an IaaS that provides high-performance computing power for running cloud-native and enterprise IT workloads. OCI provides real-time flexibility for business apps by combining Oracle’s independent services, serverless computing, and integrated security. Available in the public cloud. Oracle Cloud is best equipped to run enterprise-class, production-grade cloud workloads in Oracle technology and others centered with high-performance computing on bare-metal servers.

Autonomous services

OCI is the home for Oracle Autonomous Database and its self-optimization and self-healing features. By leveraging machine learning to automate daily tasks, Autonomous databases can provide greater security, better performance, improved operational efficiency, and more time to focus on building business apps.

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Reduce costs and enhance performance

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure is designed to improve the performance of existing local applications, facilitate cloud migration, and reduce costs.

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Best support for hybrid architectures

Deploy your cloud databases and apps anywhere with various options, ranging from public regions to edge devices. We also offer entire private Dedicated Regions in client’s data centers.

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Easily migrate enterprise apps

Easy and fast migration process from on-premises workloads to Oracle Cloud. Build new value around migrated apps faster with data science tools, autonomous databases, and cloud-native development tools.

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Accelerates and secures DBMS

OCI includes a high-performance I/O platform that accelerates the Oracle database. It automatically tunes your database, updates, and patches your Database Management System (DBMS) without downtime, and offers strong security.

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Stands apart from competitors

Oracle Cloud is 5X better in performance than AWS EC2 and costs 19X lower cost when running remote block storage configurations. Its TCO is 44% lesser than Amazon Web Services, with a significant CapEx reduction.

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