The Ultimate Solution to your payroll problems

Set your business up with Zoho modern payroll software

Zoho Payroll Software enables organizations to streamline their payroll operations, improve performance standards and deliver accurate and compliant payroll to their workforce. It helps the professionals keep tabs on enrolling employees into the company’s payroll, ensuring spotless compliance, and maintaining payroll records from one place.

Automatic payroll calculation

Create payroll in one click and generate pay-slips online with a detailed breakdown of allowances, taxes, and deductions.

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Incorporate diverse salary structures

Generate multiple pay slabs and associate the right template for your managers, leads, and staff.

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Pay employees online

Automate employees’ salaries payment by timely transferring to their bank accounts using the online transfer method.

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Straight-forward statutory compliance

Steer your business clear of compliance penalties. We handle your statutory compliance including (PF,PT,ESI,LWF and IT) and make filing easy with tax reports.

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Encourage employee self-service

Supports seamless collaboration between employees and payroll teams, reducing the burden of employee requests.

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Fine-grain admin privileges

Invite qualified employees to handle payroll, but continue to manage user roles and role-based access.

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