Due to the 2020 global pandemic and advancements in technology, so many organizations are now embracing remote working. Even firms with rigid work policies now allow employees to work from home. 

However, matching workplace productivity from outside the office environment can be quite difficult and tasking. This is why businesses are taking advantage of various technologies to ensure that employees carry out all tasks right at the comfort of their homes. 

With these technologies, face-to-face meetings, supervision, document management, connectivity, and collaboration can now be done online. 

If you are new to remote work, here are the top 10 common cloud-based business tools required for work from home. 


Hubstaff is a team management and time tracking tool. This web-based app helps you keep track of work hours. It ensures that team members make the most of their time while building trust and accountability. With Hubstaff, you can get progress reports, track work hours, and keep expenses in check.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage and document management tool that enables you to move files to a centralized location accessible by all employees. With Google drive, you can quickly upload files and share them with team members. You can also create and edit spreadsheets, presentations, and documents.


This remote collaboration tool helps you plan your day better. It ensures that you do not neglect important things. When an unexpected event pops up, you can add a reminder while moving on with your to-do list. Todoist also works with virtual assistants like Google Home and Alexa. 


Pukkateam is one of the most powerful tools for creating a healthy virtual work environment. With this tool, you can get remote teams closer and build bonds. This amazing app allows you to know team members on desks and available to speak at each time of the day. It works with skype and provides support for one-click video calls. 


HelloSign is a remote collaboration tool that allows you to design a flexible signing schedule. You can quickly request signatures of up to 20 team members at a time. HelloSign also provides notifications to let you know when a team member signs the document. 


This is a cloud-based password management platform that stores your password in an online vault. 1Password eradicates the need to save and remember several passwords. With this app, all you need to do is remember the single master password. It also syncs your data between devices and provides access to your password on all synched devices. 


Xero is a powerful cloud-based platform that allows you to pay and track bills just with one click. Xero also enables you to keep an eye on spending, reimburse claims, and approve payments. The app supports invoice creation and online payments. It also helps you analyze your business’s financial performance.


If you are interested in carrying out an employee satisfaction survey and have a clear understanding of how your employees perform while working remotely, then you should opt for Officevibe. This cloud-based app gives room for great team performance. The survey helps you gain insight into your team performance. 


This web-based app creates background noise for remote workers. It is perfect for employees who believe that ambient noise helps them become more creative and improve concentration. It offers six different types of sound for you to choose from


This amazing web-based app reduces distractions while working. The forestapp works by rewarding you with visual coins to be donated to nonprofit organizations that plant trees worldwide.


Work at home or remote work is the new norm. Therefore, every organization that wants to match employee productivity must embrace the use of cloud-based technologies to increase collaboration, connectivity, and maintain optimal performance. 

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